Jan 2, 2018

Happy 2018 and To a Life Well Lived

When you realize the value of all life,
you dwell less on what is past
and concentrate on the preservation of the future.

Dian Fossey

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language.
And next year’s words await another voice.

T.S. Eliot

Thank you for your generous and needed support during this difficult period of my life. 
Losing Mike in August was an event that shaped 2017 in ways that will take a long time to sort out. 
Death of a loved one decidedly brings up lots of questions and sometimes few answers…
But life moves on with a new appreciation of all events, big or small.

Total Eclipse of Heart and Sun – Emotional and Celestial Larceny

Normal is an illusion. 
What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly. 

Morticia Adams

Photo by Adam Knapp - Full eclipse seen from Oregon
“If you do a worldwide survey of eclipse lore,
the theme that constantly appears, with few exceptions,
is it’s always a disruption of the established order.”
E.C. Krupp, Director of the Griffith Observatory.

Losing the Love of my Life

Being sure is but the border-wall we place around a heart
to ward off the skin-stripping wind of the next living moment.

Joaquín Ramón Herrera

Day One.
Chaos cloaked as kind help.  Shaking dozens of unknown hands, all there to eagerly assist.  Signing endless paperwork, making someone else’s life feeling important, needed.  Translating help in a foreign country.  Hugs.  A simple offer of a green handkerchief wiping the tears away.  Amazed they are all available on a Sunday!

Aug 14, 2017

R. I. P.

If you don’t live for something,
you’ll die for nothing.
The love of my life, Mike, passed away yesterday afternoon. 
This travel blog will be on hiatus for a while.
Here in Glacier National Park with his son Adam.
You will be missed my sweetness!
I love you

Aug 8, 2017

Columbian Exchange, the Trade of Organisms that Changed the World

I am not going to censor myself
to comfort your ignorance.

Jon Stewart

Foods from old and new world.  
Amazing what research one does when there is a storm brewing outside.  We’ve had more than 7.5 inches of rain in the last 18 hours thanks to Tropical Storm Franklin.