Feb 24, 2017

Blaxicans, Reclaiming A Part of Mexico's History

I am more comfortable with the messiness of life
than the tyranny of perfection.

Sherman Alexic

Black Christ of San Román
It started with a Black Christ 

Less well known than its more famous counterpart, the Virgen of Guadalupe, are the Cristos Negros (Black Christs) of Latin America.  Carved of dark wood or painted with dusky colors, there are approximately 300 Cristos Negros revered in Latin America. 

Feb 15, 2017

Divorces, Slaves and Lauburus – Mérida ’s Lesser Known Past

The voyage of discovery lies
not in finding new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

Went to an art gallery before our trip to Mérida . 
Photographer is Maira Tulia Perez Bocanegra. 
We see this around our neighborhood, people parking their car or moto inside their homes. 
No true garages.  Vehicles on very shiny floors.
In preparation for our visit to Mérida I read as much as I could about ‘La Ciudad Blanca’ (The White City), ‘Paris of the West’ or traditionally the ‘Mayan City of Ichcaanziho’ later shortened to ‘T’ho’ (Place of five hills or temples).  Based on its past, some historians consider Mérida the oldest continually-occupied city in the Americas leading to much to see, learn, and experience.

Feb 8, 2017

Sin Maíz No Hay País, Without Corn There is No Country

Instead of putting nature in its place
we need to find our place in natures.

Sarah Baker

Various types of maize - www.cymmit.org
There is no corn without humankind.  Is there a Mexico without corn? 

Feb 6, 2017

Jipijapa, Mexican Version of an Ecuadorian Treasure Called Panama

A beautiful thing is never perfect.

Egyptian proverb

Bright hat in darker cave
Say that three times fast: jipijapa – jipijapa – jipijapa… 

An interesting name for a small town in Ecuador famous for its woven hats.  As much as I tried however, I couldn’t find out what it meant or its origin. 

Feb 4, 2017

Mexicans United - Horchata Armada

Put the politicians on minimum wage...
and watch how fast things change.

DC Council Chair Kwame Brown

Source: La Jordana
On February 1st, while taking a leisurely stroll through downtown Campeche, we began seeing banners, flags, and signs being distributed to people all around us.  At first it was a trickle but it soon became a flood.  Everyone was wearing white tops, people were happy, and smiling, yet we could see they were filled with a certain kind of determination.  Even kids were involved in whatever was happening.