Dec 7, 2016

Beyond Sand, Mexican Beach Vendors

People were created to be loved.
Things are created to be used.
The reason why the world is in chaos is
because things are being loved and
people are being used.

Collective Evolution

Some think they are sails, others hands but they are birds.
El Encuentro (The Encounter), Summer 2007. 
Sculpture representing the eagle of the US and the eagle of MX.
 Built for inauguration of the Governor’s Plaza.  Even Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger attended!
Artists: Febe Alday, Ines Valdez, Esteban Moreno, Dario Ruiz, Gissel Rascon, Alan Villa

Anyone who has been on a beach in Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, has seen and heard them; they are the itinerant beach vendors.  They also sell on malecóns (seafronts) like the one pictured above.  

Nov 30, 2016

Fighting Tinnitus of Vision

When America sneezes,

Mexico catches pneumonia.

Mexican expression

Mural by Gabby Gomez
Indigente or Indigent - First place tied with mural below
Another return to Puerto Peñasco, we are not feeling as much like tourists but, perhaps, a bit more like locals.  We keep finding out more about what it is like to live here rather than visit here.  The longer we travel, the more we question how to keep that sense of fulfillment and awe one experiences traveling but while at ‘home’. 

Nov 20, 2016

The Ghost of the Day of the Dead

I love places that make you realize
how tiny you and your problems are.


Instead of celebrating a tourist version of Day of the Dead, we spent time with locals. 
Here is Maria, she makes shell hangings of various sorts to sell to tourists. 
She sits on a small cot in a dark corner of her little store. 
She also crochets hats for extra income. 
She insisted on giving us two beautiful sea shells. 
We managed to talk her down to just one along with her picture. 
Another example of people with very little giving to us who have so much. 
Beautiful and kind Maria.

Nov 16, 2016

Aboriginal Original Garden of Eden?

The difference between want and need
is self control.


Many Aborigines do not want pictures taken of their faces but are ok with hands and feet
Designs in the sand can express dreamtime

What is the Garden of Eden?  Eden is the Hebrew word for delight or pleasure or the Aramaic word for fruitful.  Can Eden be any state or place of complete peace and happiness?  Is it a physical location or a state of blessed existence? 

Australian Aborigine?

This was a glorious time and place.
To think about it would remove me from it by
setting me in opposition as an observer.
I did not want that; let all be one.

Mary Ellen White

Aboriginal Man (

We didn’t get to meet many Australian Aborigines as they usually, and understandably, flee from tourists.  Their world, as for many other indigenous people, has been chattered.  Still we felt we had to share what Australia thinks makes up an Aborigine to better understand where they stand.