Aug 14, 2017

R. I. P.

If you don’t live for something,
you’ll die for nothing.
The love of my life, Mike, passed away yesterday afternoon. 
This travel blog will be on hiatus for a while.
Here in Glacier National Park with his son Adam.
You will be missed my sweetness!
I love you


  1. Bryce and I are terribly saddened by this news and our hearts go out to you, Marie-France. You and Mike were so lucky to have each other and to enjoy your life of love, family and travel.

    Our favorite Mike Memory comes from one particularly chilly day in Pacific Mexico. He paddled by Abracadabra and we exchanged grumbles about the weather not being inviting for swimming. As he paddled away he called out -- "I want to go to where it's warm! I want to see monkeys! I want to hear parrots!". We have laughed about that memory often, particularly when reading about your adventures in the warm climes of the Yucatan and wondering if he found his monkeys and parrots. And, of course, at times when we find ourselves complaining about the heat (humans being programmed to complain about the weather one way or another).

    Our other favorite Mike Memory is his charmingly honest response to a question about your decision to travel without the large diesel engine most sailors rely on. He said that he remained happy about the decision - in general. He then admitted that on one occasion, after taking something like 36 hours to make nine +/- knots toward your destination he would have sold Dejala for . . . $1 and a bus ticket! An honest man - and one with a sense of humor about himself. No wonder you love him.

    We will miss knowing that Mike is in this world with us. We know that you will miss him beyond measure. Please stay in touch as you grapple with your monumental life change.

    Molly & Bryce
    S/v Abracadabra

  2. Thinking of you so often
    Wondering how you are doing these days?
    Please reach out when you can ❤️


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