Feb 4, 2017

Mexicans United - Horchata Armada

Put the politicians on minimum wage...
and watch how fast things change.

DC Council Chair Kwame Brown

Source: La Jordana
On February 1st, while taking a leisurely stroll through downtown Campeche, we began seeing banners, flags, and signs being distributed to people all around us.  At first it was a trickle but it soon became a flood.  Everyone was wearing white tops, people were happy, and smiling, yet we could see they were filled with a certain kind of determination.  Even kids were involved in whatever was happening.   

Cautiously (we were not wearing white) asking around, we discovered this was to support President Peña Nieto in his refusal to bow down to ‘The Donald’.  A message to the higher ups in the Mexican Government that no one wants that wall or agrees with Trump’s many new policies affecting the world. 

One in ten people in Campeche, the least populated and perhaps a lesser known state in Mexico, came out to march against Trump!  Let that sink in, 10% or 23,000 folks marching in this town!   

Mexican flags awaiting distribution
The reason they were wearing white was to show unity and solidarity. Usually each political party in Mexico proudly displays their own color scheme.  It is quite remarkable that party affiliation was purposefully left out of this demonstration.  Whether from left, right or center, they are united on this front.    

March for Unity - Campeche
A few, I think, were a bit weary of us (clearly non-Mexicans with camera) but that soon dissipated as we showed them thumbs up. 

Spilling out everywhere
These pictures say it all - - - no driving that day!

Horchata Armada is a new name for the Left Wing's version of the 'Tea Party' in the USA.  Horchata is a delicious cold drink in Mexico. 

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