May 12, 2016

Caprail and World Championship...

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor


Our son Adam has qualified for the Ironman World Championship in Australia, this September...

So guess where we are heading (without the boat)... This is a truly amazing accomplishment, we are very proud of him and his family supporting his efforts.

OK - this was not about our boat and current travels but so impressive and important we just had to share...

After over 300 hours of work (between three people) on a new caprail we are ready for our next shorter season of cruising in the Sea of Cortez. We will put the boat away for a month or so to visit Australia - a completely unplanned new adventure.

As you already know from a previous entry on this blog, we had planned on heading further south to Chiapas (the southernmost part of Mexico) but with the delay of unforeseen repairs and hurricane season soon upon us we are going to postpone that trip for 1/2 year and head south when hurricane dangers are over.

As we may have mentioned before, we didn't realize the extent of the damage of the caprail, the part the eyes couldn't see. It is amazing the boat made it here in one piece. Thankfully this was discovered and fixed before heading further south or across an ocean. Someone is looking out for us.

Here are a few pictures of the process and of the amazing work Scott Natrass did with the wood and Adolfo at Transmetal did with the stainless steel. We highly recommend both of them. Active Marine also played a small role in expertly matching the old color and repainting the bow after the anchor hit it a couple of times (why we needed a better/larger bow roller), a panga scratched it trying to help us out of a shallow channel, and a dock kissed it as we tried to re-learn to drive this beast with our new electric motor and propeller.

Port side caprail, rotten way deep inside
Starboard side in much better shape

Cleaning out the rotten wood between fiberglass

Without caprail but clean and ready to add new one
Just a green line left to draw the eye.

Scott measuring, sizing, adjusting, dry fitting new caprail

New joint in caprail

Same joint, sanded, sealed, varnished

Making of wood plugs from same wood
To cover screw heads

Wood and plugs from caoba (Guatemalan Mahogany)
Underside of the wood has been sealed 3 times
before installation

New bow with wood plugs

Wood for top of caprail being sealed before installing
Side of caprail installed (wood line above blue tape)

Eduardo matching hull color by hand.
Only took him 8 minutes to get the right mixture!
Has been doing this 20 years.

New much sturdier custom designed 316 stainless bow roller
Also serves as holder for our Code Zero Gennaker

New stern hatch cover made of same beautiful wood
Finished front with fairleads extended over caprail
so lines will not chafe and ruin the woodwork

Opening our Code Zero Gennaker for first time
With only 3 knots of wind, it easily tried to push
the boat towards the dock...
Code Zero Gennaker rolled up
Mike proud owner of this little beauty

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