Apr 29, 2014

Aurevoir Nuku Hiva - Aurevoir Music

Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come 
When we stumble upon one thing while in 
Pursuit of something else.
Lawrence Block

Three peaks in Hakaui Valley - one of the peak contains two 300 year old tombs
A quick note to say we have left Nuku Hiva and plan to enjoy French Polynesia for the next two months (until our visas run out) even though we are no longer on the sailboat.  A new type of adventure unfolds.

Our last moments on Music ended with the captain throwing a pamplemousse at us...  We don't need nor deserve this negativity in our lives...  but that's a story unto itself.

We have intermittent internet and cannot give a more detailed update but will do as soon as we can.

We had a great week with the kindest possible family in Nuku Hiva.  Can't wait to share more stories with all of you.  

For now enjoy a photo of the gorgeous valley of Hakaui.

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