Mar 18, 2014

Escaping God’s Waiting Room

Half the fun of the travel is the aesthetic of lostness.
Ray Bradbury

"Why Not" (Por Que No)?
After providing our sailing résumés and waiting for a couple of weeks, we finally have been accepted by Lloyd’s of London Insurance to crew aboard sailing vessel Music.  At first it sounded very impressive, something akin to successfully going through a rite of passage, until we read their next question:

“What will the weather be like for your passage?”  Well, let us get our amazing weather crystal ball out and…  If we knew the weather that far in advance would we need insurance?  If nothing else, we would be zillionaires for having that knowledge, and would have people crewing for us rather than the other way around.

Handwritten bill for our fruits and veggies for the trip - $65 for 4 weeks for 3 people!!! Viva Mexico
After fixing/replacing/cleaning a few things then provisioning it’s time to set off into the beautiful sunsets over the vast Pacific Ocean, seeing Mexico in the rearview mirror.  We truly enjoyed our time here.  We will miss the general friendliness of all Mexicans, always ready and welcoming with a hello, good evening, good morning, or good night.  We will miss the many bright colors, tasty foods, and varied sceneries of this lush land.

When in the Puerto Vallarta area, we usually stay in the La Cruz Marina or at anchorage. To us it is a friendlier environment.  Our nickname for Paradise Village is the Las Vegas of Mexico.  What cost $5 in La Cruz, only 20 kilometers away, is $8 here.  We only come here when needed.  Since the Port Captain where we need to complete our country’s exit papers is located across the way we are spending our last couple of nights at this glitzy location. 

Last night, while chatting with a couple of locals, we discovered they call this area ‘God’s Waiting Room’ because they see so many elderly tourists residing here spending their time complaining about the music, the atmosphere, the kids, the noise at the swimming pool, the food, etc.  The locals feel these people act as if they are waiting to die rather than enjoy what life has to offer hence their nickname for Paradise Village as God’s Waiting Room

We would rather see the silver lining than complain but are reminded that you can never replicate someone else’s journey.  Each one is unique.  We hope we can be an inspiration or a catalyst, but you must seek out your own adventures and experience them yourself.

Just as loaded as our boat is for this passage
Sculpture at fun beach restaurant

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