Feb 23, 2014

Desert Botanical Garden - Chihuly's Glass Exhibit

You can never replicate someone else's journey.

Dreaming of sailing to the South Pacific ourselves...
Dale Chihuly (born 1941 in Tacoma, WA), is considered one of the most prominent and creative glass sculptors in America. His works are unique in the field of blown glass, moving them into the realm of very large scale sculptures, thanks to the use of a team of master glassblowers and assistants.  The team approach came after two serious accidents (one taking away one eye, the other, the full use of one shoulder) made him unable to pursue his art alone.

The technical difficulties of working with glass forms are considerable, yet Chihuly finds a way to showcase his beautiful work in varied outdoor conditions and locations helping places such as the Desert Botanical Garden of Phoenix, AZ where we visited double the amount of visitors when his work is exhibited.  He acts more like a choreographer than a dancer, more like a supervisor than a participant, more like a director than an actor.

Enjoy the following pictures of what we saw when we visited a couple of days ago.  Although it is difficult to see the true scale of these pieces just know some of them are 30+ feet tall...  The stark contrasts of shiny glass vs. dull dusty desert plants, of colorful vs. mostly monochrome, and of new vs. ancient is quite breathtaking.

Our last foray inland before heading to the South Pacific.  


Entrance to the Desert Botanical Garden
Blue globe in afternoon
Same globe at night
Blue yucca - nothing from Chihuly here...
Yellow and green snake like sculpture
Sunlight playing in the glass
Blue beauty
Same at night
Red Reeds
Red Reeds Close-Up
Golden Barrel Cacti
Purple Reeds
Purple Reeds Close-Up
Red Ball - day time
At night - like fire
At night at sunset
Green Reeds
Black and White Reeds
Black and White Reeds Close-Up
Glass balloons on saguaro skeleton

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