May 8, 2013

Redneck Island – Sidebar

If a street performer makes you stop walking,
You owe him a buck.


Since we have been in Barra de Navidad, TV crews have been filming an upcoming reality show called “Redneck Island”.  Someone by the name of Steve Austin is associated with it (ex wrestler we’ve heard).  First off, this is not an island…  But reality TV is make-belief at its best! Isn’t it so?

It has created some discomforts to us; there have been times when we haven’t been allowed on certain stretches of beaches to walk our little Nikki.  Not so bad when you know in advance but when you’ve just kayaked 15 minutes against wind and waves to have to turn around; it’s difficult to explain to a really expectant puppy.

Anyhow – as the name entails, it doesn’t seem that interesting of a show – unless you are a Redneck…  Certainly nothing ‘real’ about it but we’d love to watch a couple of episodes to see how they made it seem/look since we know what the true environment was like.  No idea when it comes out.  We heard they should be done filming by early May and won’t be sad to see them go and have the beaches to ourselves again (yep – we like it that way)…  The unfortunate thing about this show has been to see the destruction of many trees and bushes lining the beach, the addition of tons of dirt where none would normally be and the trash left behind.  Maybe that’s the true Redneck part of the show???  Anyone want to TEVO for us?
Redneck seafood dinner
Aside from this, we continue our discoveries of the deciduous jungle with its iguanas crossing the roads, sunning themselves on golf courses, or looking at you from rooftops, its noisy chachalaca birds loudly exercising their vocal cords at dawn and dusk. its yellow weaving birds, named for the intricately woven nests they fabricate, hanging delicately from tall tree branches, its numerous lizards driving Nikki crazy, its large snakes enjoying the afternoon warmth along paths, its goats foraging along roads oblivious to traffic, and its slow and enjoyable living by all the natives. 

Chachalaca - thank you Mexican birders
Yellow weaving bird - thank you wikipedia
We are told that even the golf course hires its own crocodile wrestler.  If crocodiles migrate in any of the watery areas of the golf course they are trapped and taken out.  We have yet to see any either while kayaking or hiking. 
Nikki on her morning round 
Stretching or yoga 
Back to sleep
This lagoon has been a great place to rest.  It is so still at night that Déjàlà has moved less here at anchor than at many of the docks we’ve been to in the past…  It has been indeed so quiet and calm that we hear new sounds in the water that we have yet to understand.  We do not know what could possibly make sounds like thunder or small fireworks exploding under water – fish? Nearby boat we cannot see? We just have no clue.
The weather has been great – the locals seem to think we are lucky that it is still this cool (high 60°s in morning, mid 80°s in afternoon with good breeze to keep bugs at bay) for this time of year – we certainly have no complaints.  Some mornings, fog moves about quite quickly, one minute showing only two yellow cupolas where a gigantic hotel once stood, emptying everything else of color except for the glowing burnt orange ball of an upcoming sun, and seemingly camouflaging the early morning sounds.  The fog parting to show another sailboat then closing-in again to make you feel like you are the only one around.  It burns rapidly and we can see the whole landscape come into sharper focus while we have our coffee in the cockpit. 
Other mornings are crispy clear with heavy dew covering everything.  The air seems cleaner, the dew capturing the dust and any other small flying particles that usually float around in light air.  The lagoon we are in is separated from the ocean by a large golf course.  Even though we are a mile or two from the beach, we can, at times, hear the powerful waves crashing along its banks.  It is a little unnerving to hear such force being unleashed so close-by. 

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