Nov 7, 2012

Honeymoon Cove – Hanging Gardens

He who does not travel,
Does not know the value of men.
Moorish Proverb 

First sunrise over the Sierra Giganta, Honeymoon Cove
Not sure why they call this place Honeymoon Cove but I could guess it has to do with the sheer beauty of this location. Although not the easiest to anchor at for there are MANY rocks to watch for, it is an absolutely stunning location.

Beautiful vine covered rock formation at south end of cove
Same view a little further out
We are enjoying hours of kayaking in and around the numerous rock formations eroding at their bases in the shapes of large mushrooms or overhangs, watching bright red, blue and purple crabs with yellow eyes eating or sunning themselves on rocks, several new types of pretty ‘aquarium-type” fish swimming 15-30 feet below, sea urchins, starfish, etc. The visibility has been amazing – we have been able to see down to 40+ feet, surprising after so much debris was churned up by such a large amount of rain. We are also blessed with a pod of dolphins playing around the sailboats many late afternoons. One of them is a newborn – so precious.

So many detached rocks, many becoming mushroom like
Dome with small cave atop cove
Mike and Nikki in cave of dome pictured above
Cactus and rocks covered with red flowering vines
At night we hear owls, hooting replacing the sounds of the crows who like to tease other birds around the island during the day. Hummingbirds make their presence too, now that there are so many blooms to choose from. Moths are also abundant; some of them look like small hummingbirds although less colorful. If we leave lights on at night they are definitely interested in visiting us… A huge heron perched on a rock at the water’s edge is warming itself with the first morning sun rays. With open wings, he looks like he is wearing a tuxedo – his dark coloring showing along where his wings would’ve been.

Beautiful fish and starfish
Various fish several feet under water
A nearby sailor gave us his catch of the day, a small sea bass, great addition to another delicious dinner aboard. He claimed he has too much and fishes for the fun of it so he was glad to share.

Mike near one mushroom
Marie-France near another mushroom
We are happily spending a lot of time kayaking, hiking, and cooling off in the clear water. On a steep walk the other day (about 45 degree incline with rotten loose rocks) I almost stepped on a fat 18” iguana. The vines are so thick on the trails that 1) you cannot find them easily, and 2) you cannot see what you are stepping on. Good thing it was not a rattlesnake. We have ‘officially’ been kayaking for one month, not using our dinghy or outboard to go to/from shore. It has been a fine and calm time prior to heading down the long journey south to the Mexican jungle.

Our vessel, left, Free Spirit, right, Manta in next bay
Dolphins playing - sun nearly setting
Hanging garden of vines, agave, cardons

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