Aug 3, 2012

Animas Slot, Coyotes Looking for “Love” or “Play” with Nikki

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation 
With the bricks others have thrown at him. 
David Brinkley 

Mike in front of our beautiful floating home
Normally considered a very small anchorage for only one vessel, we managed to comfortably squeeze next to another smallish vessel already anchored there. This area is beautiful with an intricately carved sea cave, a tiny arch on a detached rock protecting the cove, and great hikes in the tall mountains nearby. 

Albion (L) next to us in tiny one boat anchorage
Made for cozy times with them and their cat Nikki
We do a lot of paddling around the area and explore the next cove (Cala Puertocito de Enmedio) to see if it possibly would've been a better anchorage. From what we see, we are better off in Animas Slot. Seals bask in the sun at the entrance of the bay, birds are abundant on the steep sides of cliffs where they are best protected from predators, and a lone osprey whistles above our heads as it hunts for its next meal.

Another amazing rock formation
Caves or arches in the forming
Cave that became arch through small rock island
The first time on shore, we noticed Nikki quickly taking off towards a hill in the distance - something she doesn't normally do. I spot the coyote she is trying to visit with and have to call her back. She doesn't understand that these canines are not the sort to visit with. The coyote stays there a long time watching this new 4-legged furry visitor. We think the coyote is trained to come to shore when it hears panga motors in the bay - there is a chance the fishermen feed it fish scraps. This was our first sighting of a coyote although we had seen many of their tracks before.

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