Jul 21, 2012

Caleta Los Arcos - Fun Sea Caves and Arches

Here's to life outside the lines.

From cave to sea, the view is stunning
As its name implies ‘Cove of the Arches’, this little cove has some arches and caves along its coastline. They are carved out of white, pink and grey-purplish rocks overlooking bright aqua water. Once near the arches or caves, it’s not only the sights that catch your eyes but the sounds also fill your ears and send vibrations down your belly and spine. 
Déjàlà and other boat from cave looking over Baja in background
You are surrounded by the reverberation of water slamming firmly inside smallish tubes or holes with no way out. It makes a very thunderous noise that is loud enough on its own but is multiplied by echoes once inside the caves or under the arches. It leaves your heart pounding the first time you hear and feel it until you figure out what it is. It is somewhat like volcano lava erupting from tubes or a witches’ cauldron boiling over emitting wild gurgles.
One of the arches
Another arch in formation
Small arch in the background
Coming into one cave
Light coming from above within the cave
Yellow streak of rock flowing down hillside
Water is doing its incessant work of carving out rocks to make more caves and arches or enlarge the current ones. In one of the caves, a single ray of sun shines from above and lights up the water within the dim cave showing the course of erosion has begun aloft as well. How much longer will this cave be standing? It’s clear from all the rocks around the anchorage that many have come and gone and many will follow in their footsteps over eons of time. It is unfortunate that many people bypass this anchorage as it is known to fowl up anchors as many rocks are found around the area but with careful precautions it is a good place to stop to see this splendor of nature in constant motion.

A couple of cruising families with smaller kids, decided to use the cave for a pirate’s adventure that evening. From a distance, we hear the very happy squealing and screaming of the little ones. What an experience these young ones are having, able to see the Sea of Cortez this way.

On the way here we ‘almost’ caught our first fish, a beautiful 20" dorado (mahi-mahi) but lost it as it was about to make it on deck. Beginner’s luck didn’t hold up…
The fish we almost caught...

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