Jul 19, 2012

Caleta San Juanico - A World of Dragonflies

Words should be weighed, not counted.
Yiddish Proverb 

Sculpted rocks
Coming to this cove makes you truly appreciate raw geology. There are so many types of rocks and dirt, caves forming, layers exposing, erosion paths, colors, folds, lines, pleats, points, dips, overhangs, crevasses, veins and other formations; it is extremely varied and interesting. Many rocks end at water level or slightly below depending on tide so one has to be extremely watchful coming here by boat.

Spongy looking rocks strewn along beach
Layered rocks
Curvy layered rocks
Fallen rocks
On our morning walk we see hundreds of “libellulas” (dragonflies) in the shade of rock cliffs. They are our allies: they eat bugs… Not sure what there is to eat here but they are busy feeding and do not pay attention to us in any way. As it turns out we later think they are in the shade to drink the little dew there is for fresh water around these parts. This morning they are all around our boat for we have a few drops of dew onboard. Bees are also attracted to the fresh water so we have to wipe out all traces of fresh water before they swarm the boat.

Mike and dragonflies all around him at sun-up
Small sea cave
White and black rocks with caves forming
How did these cacti get there - growing on rock surrounded by water? Birds or wind?
Light inclined rock formation meets dark scraggly upright one
On our hike we check out another two anchorages around the area. One would be excellent for protection from northern winds, the other from southern winds but a much smaller a cove. We find two Mexicans sitting in the pristine water up to their waist, under an umbrella stuck in the sand between them, sipping beer and coke – a clever way to cool off when you don’t have air conditioning.

Huge thunderclouds are all around us during the night and it makes for an uncomfortable rolly setting. Winds are gusty but we don’t get the rain, only lightning and thunder. We leave in the morning for our next anchorage a little tired but have a great sail to Bahia San Nicolas, just a stopping point before a longer sail to where we want to spend a few days to relax in a very sheltered area.

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