Jul 20, 2012

Bahia Santo Domingo - Alone with Thousands of Sea Shells and Crabs

You miss 100% of the shots you never take.
Wayne Gretzky 

Nikki on a crab trail...
(we actually call them water lizards for she recognizes the word lizard)
Known mostly as a stopover to other destinations, this bay doesn’t have any trails to follow, palapas to eat at or purchase supplies from so many people don’t stay here long. We have spent three days and really enjoyed having the beach to ourselves, swimming in the 86 degree water, finding other neat geological formations we hadn’t seen yet coming up this side of the Baja coast, and sorting through the amazing variety of shells found along the beach or imbedded in the rocks.

Found one that quickly made it to the water once she got her head out...
Not sure she can see with all the sand in her mug but she's back on the trail
Heron and seagull watching it unfold
We finally found creosote bushes, the bushes that typically bring out that unusual rain smell in the Arizona desert – another good reminder of ‘home’…

Other than the bees looking for fresh water and buzzing by on and off during the daytime (depending on wind and shade), the place is very quiet.

Another anchorage to ourselves.
Looking south towards Bahia Conception which
we didn't enter since the winds were not in our favor
Very lush desert with pink mountain backdrop
If it were a log, they would call it a nurse log, would they call this a nurse cactus?
Another beautiful sunset
That lasted for 45 minutes!
We watched one of the best sunsets we’ve seen since we left Mazatlán. It came after a thunderstorm just hit south of where we are located. It only brought sudden winds to our anchorage but no rain or lightning…
Beach littered with shells - so many to choose from
Heron atop cardon cactus at sunset
Pieces of shells make 'land' look like a beautiful mosaic
Rock filled with shells and other types of rocks
Zen-like rock garden
Good night

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