Jun 28, 2012

Puerto Los Gatos – Stunning Nature Carved Stone Elegance

When he wanted to take her picture,
He didn't tell her to smile, but told her,
"I love you" and her smile was more beautiful.

Anchored near many amazing rock formations
Beautiful rock formations surrounding a barely sheltered bay (although none of these pictures give them justice) – no idea why they call it Puerto (port) for there is no port of any kind here – it is much more of a cove. Perhaps if I took some time to research its history…

Much bio-luminescence floating around in various patterns at night – no wonder the water is not clear, there is so much life teaming below its surface. This area is far enough away from any civilization that we haven’t heard nor seen a panga or fisherman for two days instead we hear the buzzing of bees looking for fresh water. They have been attracted by Nikki's water bowl. We have to use our bug netting to keep them away but they soon find their way elsewhere.
Pink and turquoise, what more do you need?
And they keep being different and interesting
Up a small canyon where you can take a peek at the Sea of Cortez
My favorite
Our vessel is to the left of the bay - too far for this picture
Entrance to the bay
Five layers of mountain chains

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