Nov 10, 2011

To Oceanside Riding Uncomfortable Entrance Waves

Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember,
And remember more than I have seen.
Benjamin Disraeli 

Mike and Nikki kayaking back to the boat
Depending on winds we are heading to Oceanside or San Diego. Since the winds were so light again we ended up in Oceanside. I noticed a small rip in the jib at the spreader area beginning to show so we took time to fix that while docked.

It was interesting to see Hwy 5 that we have driven so many times from CA to AZ but from an ocean viewpoint. How often have we searched the ocean for specks of light colored sails bobbing along while driving? Now we see a huge stream of vehicles heading north and south on this dark ribbon. The sounds from land carry out at least 3 nautical miles where we are located. We can make out the roar of engines, the whistle of trains, and various sirens.

Another pod of playful dolphins graces us with their presence – another 500+ or so.

Nikki is taking very well to kayaking to/from land/boat to attend to all the puppy news/tweets. A new Pavlovian reflex is settling in.

Entering Oceanside is quite rolly (as predicted by Charlie’s charts). Only one bag fell off the shelves despite the 40-45 degree angles experienced. We seemed to have found the right recipe for storing/locating items for least amount of shifting around.

Oceanside has one of the longest wooden piers on the West Coast (1/4 miles +). Unfortunately not much else to visit or do there.

Clever Boat Names: Fuelishness (of course a motor vessel, not a sailboat)… and Sailabration…

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