Nov 4, 2011

How Catalina Became Dana Point

We must go and see for ourselves.
Jacques Cousteau 

No wind
Unfortunately, weather alerts were continually being broadcasted for all night gale winds on the eastern side of the Catalina Islands that we decided to head directly to San Diego.

However, the winds that way were so light that we only covered 30 miles in 30 hours so, as the sun was quickly setting down, we decided to stop in Dana Point for a rest. Whatever happened to the advertised gale force winds? Did we beat the record for slowest time from LB to DP?

Thankfully a ½ moon, stars, one whale, and dolphins were out for something to take pleasure in while bobbing around seemingly endlessly. The many splashes the dolphins created were highlighted by phosphorescence making for a great light display in the dark ocean.

At day light we finished reading a book by Gwenda Cornell titled Pacific Odyssey, 1985, where she recounts their 6 year trip around the South Pacific on Aventura with her family (husband Jimmy and children Doina and Ivan). Great descriptions of the exuberant zest for life the islanders enjoyed in the days teaching them that people are far more important than possessions.

We certainly had not planned for an all night sail our first day out but the universe had other plans for us which we could enjoy since we are not tied to any timelines, schedules, nor ultimate destination (other than heading for warmer climes)…

Well, now in a safe harbor we laugh at the incongruity that winds of 17 knots showed up just as we were docking (yep, fun one – can’t believe we did it unscathed), another wink from mother nature, reminding us who the boss is.

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