Nov 18, 2011

Ensenada Mexico – A New Country!

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

That great big flag so the 'gringos' can find their way.
We arrived late on the 16th. We tried on several occasions to hail Cruiseport Village Marina with no luck. Sailing vessel Reunion ahead of us also was without luck in reaching them so we both ended up at Baja Naval (VHF 77 once in port) instead. Prairie Rose had seen us come into port and suggested we tried them on that channel. I love that people in the sailing community are so helpful to one another.

This marina is small; a little dated, but has absolutely the best service possible and is quite safe. Free calls to the US, and a very knowledgeable staff, not to mention one of the cleanest and best organized boatyard we’ve ever seen. It’s all in the little details like telling you right up front which side to put your fenders on before you arrive, as well as excellent directions to finally helping you with the docking and the hook ups. They don’t even ask you to pay anything up front. You pay when you leave. The only drawback we’ve heard of but haven’t experienced during our stay were the heavy swells so be generous with the dock lines.

Above is a photo of the famous huge Mexican flag floating near the marina. Upon commenting on how proud they must be of their flags to have one so large, I was quickly and jokingly corrected that it was so the “gringos” could find their way… The flag was put up again due to the Baja 1000 Race starting over the weekend.

Entry process and paperwork has been painless – a total of 2 hours, some take 1.5 days!

Walking through town we noticed it is definitely much more colorful than the US. Ads and architectural additions to buildings we see here wouldn’t be allowed ‘home’ (like an old bus as part of a bar and the famous blue Viagra man)…
This morning we are woken up by the constant dive bombing fishing style of the pelicans. Birds are always busier at sun up.
Mr. Viagra - he's pretty famous around here
Interesting addition to a restaurant/bar Not sure what building code they follow
Scarecrow to help ward off the sea lions from laying on the dock
We are off to Cabo Colonet - or so we thought

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  1. Liking the blog. Always fun to go cruising vicariously.

    How long did the passage from San Diego take?

    FYI - We didn't have a lot of luck hailing marinas in Mexico per the cruising guides. However, we could always raise some cruisers on VHF 22 (22 is the cruiser's "hailing" channel in Mexico)and get the up-to-the-minute local low down on getting a slip from them.


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