Aug 25, 2011

Counting Down

Don't think of cost, think of value.

Here is a picture of the forward port caprail
It's been a while since updating the blog. We've been busy getting ready to start the BIG trip very shortly: 68 days! (If you're counting...)

There are lists of lists to insure we get everything accomplished before November 1st.

The reason for the date? Nov 1 is the official end of hurricane season south of the border. We'll keep a close eye on the weather charts, regardless. A few extra days getting started to avoid heavy weather is time well spent. That's one of our core sailing guidelines: no rush, wait for good weather. There is plenty of time... we'll be gone ten years or so.

Today's tasks revolved around varnish. The varnish job on the exterior wood was about six years old (with a couple zillion coats added periodically). It was time to take it all off and lay down some new. We'll keep building up the layers till we leave. We use Epifanes (from Holland). They recommend a dozen coats for tropical environments! We're up to four. Marie has even taught Mike to varnish! (you can still tell the difference...) 

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