Two crazies with the motto:

"If you don't live on the edge you are taking too much space."

Between the two of us we had about two weeks of sailing under our belt before heading out so sea on 11/1/11. Without a motor and only a small electric engine to get us in/out of marinas or back down on the anchor, we HAD to quickly learn as we aimed south to Mexico, our first destination.

We thought we'd be out of Mexico in about 6 months but loved it so much we ended up staying two years with possibly another one yet to come.

A trip to French Polynesia as crew on another boat, a stop over in Hawaii on the way back, a short hiatus to refit Déjàlà and we are ready to hit the water again.

Please come join us! 
Nikki the real Captain

I adopted a couple of humans to sail me around to check out this wonderful world.

From Long Beach, we headed to Mexico and we'll eventually go further but we have been having so much fun chasing crabs, barking at dolphins, listening to nature, kayaking the blue waters, tasting great foods, and enjoying new culture that we are in no rush to move fast.
Amazing golden lava tubes - Tahiti, French Polynesia 

 Warm waters of the Sea of Cortez, Baja California, Mexico 

 Enjoying our sailing community - David, Teddy, Will, Sarah, Conor

Adobe brick making, Tahitian wedding, Canyon bouldering

Huahine, FP - Hawaii, US - Sea of Cortez, MX

Climbing sand dunes - Chasing crabs - Digging for coolness 

Nikki with Mike - with Krystal (2 yr old) - with Marie-France

Crossing through waterfalls - Green Love - All in Tahiti


  1. Hello :) I just found your blog and I have a question for your "If you don't live on the edge you are taking too much space." Which is the edge , at your case ?

  2. Please read the tab called Edge at the top of our blog. Hope it answers your question. Sorry for the delay in responding but we have been without internet for 2 months.

  3. Hello!
    It was great meeting you at tuxan kin che. I'm writing this as I see you pack and get ready to leave. Thanks for sharing your adventures, you guys are so inspiring!
    See you in Mérida :)


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