Mar 27, 2017

Odds, Ends, and Others... Leaving Campeche and the Yucatán

We don't take pictures,
pictures take us.


Campeche was a great place for Mike to train for his first Ironman. 
We are about to leave Campeche and the Yucatan where we had a blast.  Returning to our boat Dejala and beyond.  The following are pictures taken over the last three months...  Enjoy.

Izamal is a colorful town, starting with its horse drawn carriages.
The exact time...
The orange-red items in the middle are cashew 'apples'.  Brown bits at their bottoms are the cashews. 
Not to be handled raw, need gloves or heat to kill the substance that is much like poison ivy that covers it,
hence why you never see a cashew in the shell.
One of our favorite coffee places.  Notice the colorful pasta tiles and use of old doors
Not OSHA approved
More mixing of the old and the new
Courtyard of old.
Blue fridge on the sidewalk...
New car, old fence, red stop, blue home
When someone passes away
How to use a pick-up truck camper shell...
Libelula (I like the Spanish word better for dragonfly) on a water lilly
Jicama, mandarin, mango pyramids...  Under blue tarps - the color becomes odd
The way many travel here. 
Small botanical garden in the middle of town surrounded by sentinel palms.
Ladies in huipiles
Massive door
For sale
Knock, knock
Man with parrot
Walking by
Ochre home with small rock details
What mold does to old limestone
Barely there
Tereza Panza by Reynaldo Bolio Suarez "Pacelli", 2015
Defunct bakery
Church and lighthouse - all in one...
Same - at night...
Palacio - Museum and Library - at night it becomes a light show - - - see below
History of the Mayas
And history of Campeche
The crowd gets bigger towards the end of the show
Some call them Maya Limos.
Impressed by Nikki dog
500 years meets newer
Taxi at bus station
Playful sculpture
Papaya membrillo with Edam cheese, chaya (green drink), flan, and espresso.  The end of a good day's walk

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