Oct 27, 2012

Back to Santa Rosalia – Sadly a Little Less Alive

If you seek authenticity for authenticity's sake
You are no longer authentic.
Jean Paul Sartre 

Beautiful sunset over Santa Rosalia marina jetty
We had joked with Julio on Rocio Del Mar, the dive boat that we ran into in San Jose Del Cabo around Christmas time and then saw again in Puerto Peñasco (where it was built), that we would meet them again on our way south since we were leaving ½ day ahead of them. We didn’t really believe it would happen but it did.

At night, while in the Salsipuedes Channel, we spotted bright lights near an island to our left. The lights seemed to keep aiming straight for us so we kept a close watch for nearly an hour. Eventually we recognized the shape of the vessel and hailed them. It was indeed Rocio Del Mar and it was evident by the way they replied to our call that 1) they couldn’t believe someone recognized them in the night, 2) they seldom get calls and 3) they were very surprised to know we were that far south already. It’s a small world after all.

What is left of the panga dock
The way here was a little slower than our trip down to El Pescador but we had the joy of being surrounded most of the way by pilot whales and dolphins. It’s nice to be back in nature rather than tied to a dock.

Dock in ruins across marina
Back in Santa Rosalia for a few groceries to find out one of the 3 main grocery stores is now closed down (only 3 months ago it was open!) and to wait for the right winds to head south near Loreto so Marie-France can take a bus to La Paz to board a plane to Quebec to visit with her family, more particularly with her father who turned 80! It will be cold up there and it will be quite a shock to get used to that. Mike gets to stay where it’s warm and sunny!

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