Jul 19, 2012

Bahia San Nicolas - A Small but Important Rescue

You can always replenish your bank account,
But you cannot reclaim time.
Kellie Netherwood 

Delicious Mahi-Mahi for dinner tonight
Not much to say about this area except that it is surrounded by sand dunes, cows walk back ‘home’ along the beach in the evening and pangas come and go by to fish the deeper areas. There is a very small village about 4 miles away, too far to walk so we do not visit.

Suddenly we hear a call from a nearby boat, Mike and Marie. Usually when people call other boats, they call them by vessel’s names so we thought this was strange and nearly ignored the call but they called again so we finally answered.

We had met these people very briefly in the last anchorage we were at and they needed medical attention so Mike helped. The dad on board had a fishhook stuck on the back of his right hand (his good working hand). With two small children and wife/partner onboard, he tried to retrieve it by himself with no success. It took Mike nearly 45 minutes and huge bolt cutters to finally get the job done. This happened while they were bringing a mahi-mahi aboard and we were given some of it for dinner in exchange for helping out. Our first ‘rescue’ on this trip…

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