Apr 23, 2012

Juanacatlán – How Life Once Is - Last Day

Everyone smiles in the same language.
George Carlin 

Krystal aka Curious "George" 
A Sad Departure

We leave at 9:00 am to catch the 10:30 am bus 13 miles away and barely make it in time. Back to the reality of timelines, money, noise, and paying to use restrooms...

Ron gives me a bottle of Rompope, an eggnog like local drink you can pour into your coffee or on ice cream, etc. The one he purchased for me was coffee flavored (it also comes in plain, vanilla or rum). We also come back with avocados picked from that tall tree, a small handmade broom, an epiphyte plant, and many great memories.

We are happy to be home to reflect on this short journey inland. We’ve gained more understanding of living simply and cheaply, attained more thankfulness for what we have and know about the world and gratitude for the opportunities we’ve been allowed to follow throughout our lives. We thought we lived and ate very simply yet coming here showed us how much simpler things can get yet. It also showed us just how much we have experienced and comprehend. Thank you for sharing with us.

In their Sunday's finest
Mellow Mike and Nikki
Wood shingles
Maria de Jesus

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