Nov 10, 2011

Tylar Goes Up Déjàlà’s Mast (from before we left Long Beach)

Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.
George Halas 

Tylar up the mast
Angela’s daughter, Tylar, said she would love to go up our mast after watching Mike up there while he was installing the lazy jack. Angela, like most mothers, did not want Tylar to do it. After a little convincing, Tylar was allowed up the following weekend (weather permitting).

Tylar, very brave and gracious, went all the way to the top despite us adding to the sideways movements of the boat (we wouldn’t do that, would we!).

Tylar, I now have to go past the spreaders, the highest I (Marie-France) have ever gone – you are my new inspiration.

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