Nov 12, 2011

San Diego Bay – Somewhat Frazzled Nerves Thanks to President’s Visit

The possession of knowledge does not kill 
The sense of wonder and mystery.
There is always more mystery.
Anais Nin 

Oh the submarine... 
Not much wind but we manage to sail to San Diego Bay. By the time we get near Point Loma however the quietness of the trip comes to an end. Helicopters hover over us from many directions, guns pointed and ready, we are also checked by US Navy boats and Coastguard. We suddenly feel like intruders in our own land.

We eventually reach the channel into San Diego Bay wherein we think things will quiet down but to our surprise we are being escorted by more police boats with flashing lights asking us to stay to the very edge of the channel, meaning we can no longer sail but have to motor in, because there is a submarine coming in behind us.

We closely monitor VHF channel 16 and hadn’t heard of this upcoming event – had heard of warships coming through but maybe submarines go by their own rules with their own channels.

We are, by now, probably well known by the US Navy, US Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Boarder Protection, San Diego Police, and who knows how many more agencies.

We finally make our way to La Playa Cove Anchorage near Shelter Island to find kids are racing several dinghies in that area, not paying attention to their surroundings (being kids of course). We finally have to make them aware of our presence so we can anchor.

Upon our arrival we are told President Obama and First Lady are in town, other than checking for smugglers, this may explain why all the extra security while sailing in.

We are joined again by S/V Prairie Rose who had sailed out before us out of Dana Point.

The surroundings are beautiful but with the Navy base nearby there is a constant roar of airplanes, helicopters, etc – not a quiet place to be in.

As all cruisers heading to Mexico from here, we make our last necessary purchases (parts, groceries, water, etc) and send out mail and emails.

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